Event Planning

Site search, Qualification, Inspection and Selection

  • Properties are researched and contacted if suitable to your Goals & Objectives.
  • We compile a Site Search Grid outlining the details of each property, their availability and relevance.
  • We request that all contacted properties hold room blocks and meeting space on a tentative basis.
  • We confirm your choice property based on overall availability, meeting space location, size, appropriateness of function space and cost.

Contract Negotiations and Management

  • A contract is requested, reviewed and negotiated.
  • We include concessions that many people are not aware of, including room upgrades, complimentary amenities and stays, staff room, food, beverage, in-house A/V discounts, and complimentary internet access. Cancellation, attrition, indemnification and force majeure clauses are examples of terms that we review carefully.
  • We execute the final negotiated contract and facilitate deposits.

Participation in Client Meetings

    • We speak or meet as often as necessary to review logistical aspects of the program and ensure that all of your needs are being met.
    • We provide status reports immediately after meetings and continuously follow-up throughout the planning stages of your meeting or event.

Audio Visual Negotiations, Coordination, Management, and Direction

      • We partner with pre-qualified and professionally trained A/V staffs that will be available from concept, through pre-production planning, to completion on-site and throughout the meeting or event.  We negotiate equipment pricing and on-site labor staff. We coordinate scheduling of all rehearsals and provide professional direction and support for all speakers and presentation needs.

Creative Menu Planning

  • We provide creative food and beverage selections, including wines and spirits if appropriate, while negotiating the best pricing.
  • We are extremely sensitive to dietary (i.e. gluten-free, peanut and food allergies, etc.) and religious food and beverage needs and requirements and will provide menus specifically for these requests.

Air/Rail Travel Coordination and Management

  • We coordinate air/rail travel utilizing your preferred group travel provider or will provide a travel provider if preferred.
  • We provide ongoing reporting and as requested.
  • We provide exemplary VIP support services throughout the program.
  • We manage it all cost effectively and provide a seamless experience for your attendees from the time they are invited to the time they return to their final destination.

Rooming List Coordination and Management

  • We work directly and communicate daily with the property to ensure your contracted room block is being managed.
  • We monitor attrition and cancellation.
  • We ensure that all ADA requirements are met for any attendees with special needs.

Ground Transportation Coordination and Management

  • We use preferred ground transportation providers with exemplary Customer Service and safety records.
  • Our preferred providers use the most modern and diverse fleet of vehicles.
  • We provide detailed reports and manifests and manage the ground transfer process on-site from start to finish.

Off-site Event Research, Development, and Management

  • We research, qualify and negotiate pricing for dining, spa, golf, and team building exercises.

Onsite Management

Event Set-Up

  • Oversee meeting room set-ups according to your specifications
  • Coordinate vendor set-up, i.e. A/V
  • Coordinate signage
  • Monitor arrival of meeting/event materials
  • Verify food and beverage set-up and accuracy

On-site Management, Staffing and Coordination

  • Act as lead meeting/event manager and primary client liaison
  • Provide timeline management using detailed agenda
  • Manage venue and support staff coordination
  • Coordinate transportation

Special Events

  • Research, arrange and coordinate social events and guest programs, coordinate tours and leisure activities

Cost Accounting, Reporting, and Reconciliation

  • We provide a total commitment to budget maintenance and provide user-friendly spreadsheets that are updated on a regular basis.
  • We provide complete post-meeting audits of all program elements and expenses.
  • We provide complete reporting from concept to completion.
  • We complete the master billing, vendor payments and documentation to ensure that you are able to post all related costs accurately.