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5 Brainteasers to Get Your Brain Moving this Morning

5 Brainteasers to Get Your Brain Moving this Morning 960 678 Emilie

Here at United Eventures, we love our brain teasers! We use brain teasers and trivia in all types of events, from our Trivia Nights where trivia is the main focus, to our Geotrekking where you can find brain teasers or trivia at various checkpoints. So whether you are looking to improve your brain teaser skills for your next United Eventure, or you’re simply looking for a way to exercise your brain in the morning, we found 5 great brain teasers just for you!


Under The Radar
Thanks Henry D

Spell radar

Spell the word RADAR.
Start on any R.
Advance in any direction, forwards or backwards.
Follow the lines from letter to letter.
You can not skip letters.
How many different ways can you spell RADAR?

Which number replaces the question mark ?

 Non Verbal Reasoning Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser to test Spatial visualization ability

How many blocks do you see ?  #riddle #riddles:


Try not to peak!

  1. RADAR problem: 80 Ways. Can’t get to 80? Hint, you can reuse the same A and R twice per word. Try finding the total from one corner, and then multiply by four.
  2. Number question mark problem: 9. The sum of every square is 22.
  3. Letter question mark problem: O. The letters at the front of the alphabet correspond with those in the back- A corresponding with with Z, B with Y, C with X.
  4. Folding cube problem: D.
  5. Block problem: 9 blocks.
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