Canvas Connect

No Artistic Skills Required

Canvas Connect

Strengthen your group dynamic, spark creativity and let your inner artist come out to play! This event will bring in an artist to teach your group step by step how to paint an original piece of art. Absolutely no experience is needed for members of your group to participate. Paintings can be done individually or create one large-scale painting as a team. Paint your company logo, pick from our gallery or have our local artist create something specific for your group beforehand. Paintings can be taken home to show off to your family and friends or back to the office for display on the wall. We supply all the paint, brushes, aprons, and everything you need to create your masterpiece. Canvas Connect will provide your group with a one of a kind, personalized experience sure to spark collaboration, leaving your team inspired and ready to create!

Time Frame

1-3 Hours

Group Size

5+ participants