Canvas Conenct

No Artistic Skills Required

Canvas Connect

Canvas Connect offers a wide variety of artistic events that will provide your group with a one of a kind, personalized experience. If you are interested in using art to bring your group together, we will craft the perfect event. By strengthening your group dynamic and sparking creativity, each Canvas Connect opportunity will draw out the inner artist in us all. Absolutely no experience is needed for members of your group to participate!

Events can be education based, puzzle based, or creativity based. Our standard Canvas Connect event will bring in an artist to teach the group how to hone their artistic abilities. Feel free to choose which media your group will use: from paints to charcoal to pencil.

Each Canvas Connect event can accommodate different sized and aged groups. And depending on your preference, we can either provide a location for the event, or come to you!

Time Frame
1-3 Hours

Group Size
5+ participants