Care Package Geo-Trekking

Geo-Trekking for a Cause

Care Package Geo Trekking

Give back to those in need by collecting items for care packages, all while tackling challenges along the way. In this fun, outdoor scavenger hunt, small groups will explore an area in search of pre-programed GPS checkpoints with a handheld GPS unit. Once teams arrive at a checkpoint, they will be faced with a challenge or trivia questions to solve before collecting items for their care package and moving on to the next. At the end of the hunt, all items collected will be packaged and donated to one of our deserving charities. Donations can benefit children, schools, the elderly, the homeless, soldiers overseas and veterans returning home, and women and children affected by domestic violence – to name a few. We have several charities we are aligned with to choose from and will help you select the best one for your group.

Time Frame

2 Hours

Group Size

10+ participants