Cooking Competitions

Treat your team and taste buds!

Cooking Competition

Let’s get cooking! Our Cook Offs involves food, competition, challenges and creativity as teams work together to prepare a delicious dish. This popular and lively competition is setup using the most popular aspects of cooking shows like “Chopped”, “MasterChef”, and “Iron Chef America” to make a truly unique experience for your group. Teams will be challenged to create culinary masterpieces from scratch using fresh and seasonally local ingredients. Cook Offs can include Appetizer Challenges, Chili Cook Offs, Salsa Showdowns, Dessert Challenges, and so many more! Creativity and communication will be key to prepare the winning dish. We’ll arrange for a chef to attend to give menu suggestions, knife safety and tutorials. Final dishes will be judged based on plating, presentation and taste. Our Cook Offs allows teams to mix and mingle, uniting one another through hands-on cooking, while sampling mouth-watering dishes prepared by their peers. Treat your team and your taste buds! *Cost of food additional

Time Frame

2 Hours

Group Size

10+ participants