Corporate Survivor

It's a Competition with Collaboration

Corporate Survivor

Compete in a series of thought provoking and entertaining head-to-head competitions to determine which team has what it takes to survive! Teams will rotate through a series of activities, competing against each other yet learning from the previous teams’ mistakes. In between each challenge, teams will have 5 minutes to share best practices with the other teams to create a competitive yet collaborative event. Upon completing each activity, teams will be given a clue with a number on the back. These clues will need to be solved and arranged to determine the correct number sequence to unlock their final challenge. To further incentivize teams, teams will be rewarded with an advantage heading into the final challenge – so the more collective wins a team has, the better the advantage they receive! Does your team have what it takes to outsmart, outplay and outlast the competition?

Time Frame

3 Hours

Group Size

20+ participants