Geo Trekking

All You Need is a GPS and Some Teammates


Embark on a technology driven scavenger hunt to maximize team efficiency and collaboration while competing in a series of mini challenges and trivia along the way. In this fun, outdoor activity, small groups will explore an area in search of pre-programed checkpoints with a handheld GPS unit. Once teams arrive at a checkpoint, they will be faced with a challenge or trivia questions to solve. Questions can include general knowledge trivia, puzzles and riddles or can be customized to company specific questions to further personalize your experience and reinforce meeting objectives. This event is designed so teams will have to maximize their efficiency and collaboration in order to find as many checkpoints as possible within the allotted time. Only groups with the best strategy and teamwork will be lucky to locate them all! This event provides the opportunity for participants to step outside their comfort zone, embrace new challenges, and develop new friendships.

Time Frame

2 Hours

Group Size

10+ participants