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Get to Know You: Will Leggett, President and CEO

Get to Know You: Will Leggett, President and CEO 1024 280 MPatton
A company is only as good as the brains behind the operation. In this week’s Get to Know You blog we’re talking with our President and CEO, Will Leggett.
I am an adventurer who loves to be in the wilderness. My passion is hunting whitetail deer with a bow and arrow in remote locations across the country. I love to travel, whether it’s up to Vermont to see friends and family, or to tropical locations like St. John USVI. I am soon to be blessed with my first-born baby girl and am married to my beautiful wife, Jane. We also have a dog named Zoe.
United EVENTures is a workplace that I created to bring like minded individuals together to better the lives of others. As the President and Owner, I have the opportunity to go out and promote the business and find new clients, meet new people and share ideas. This opportunity inspired me to create our UE mission statement: “Together we create memorable experiences that last a lifetime.” My team here at United EVENTures inspire me to work hard. I firmly believe that a great leader leads by example. If my employees see that I am working hard (both for them and with them) they will do the same for me, their teammates, and our clients.

Creating UnitedEVENTures has been a journey. I have always been into athletics both as an athlete as well as a spectator, so I originally wanted to get into sports broadcasting or become a coach. After taking a class at Ithaca College called “Leisure in Society” which taught me about national parks, I realized that there was an entirely new path I wanted to go down. I switched majors to Recreation Management. “Leisure in Society” influenced me to do my senior project on Organizational Development and Team Building which is the reason I started United EVENTures.

With the help of my team, I hope in ten years to build United EVENTures into a multi-million dollar company with locations and services across the world. I will have also have started a second company flipping houses and will have 3 beautiful children.

We here at United EVENTures look forward to helping you and your team achieve your corporate, personal, and professional goals. Let’s make some memories!

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