Hands of Gratitude

A Blend Philanthropy and Compassion with Performance Improvement

Hands of Gratitude

Hands of Gratitude is all about collaboration, cooperation and helping someone in need! It’s about making a huge difference and at the same time improving the performance, moral and gratitude of your team. Teams will work together to build 3D printed prosthetic hands needed by thousands of people around the world using wires that give the hands the ability to close and grip objects. In addition, teams will decorate pouches for the hands to travel and be stored in as well as inspirational messages to the recipient, deepening the connection between the giveback and its positive impact on a persons life. We can also incorporate an element of competition by combining a series of challenges and activities to further enhance your team experience. Your team will make a difference and positively change a life…probably even yours!

Time Frame

2 Hours

Group Size

20+ participants