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Healing the Children New Jersey: The Amazing Organization Right in Your Backyard

Healing the Children New Jersey: The Amazing Organization Right in Your Backyard 960 360 Emilie

Healing the Children New Jersey, a chapter of the larger organization, Healing the Children, is an amazing volunteer organization located right nearby in Hawthorne, NJ. This incredible organization brings medical care to children in need, both internationally and domestically. In fact, the New Jersey chapter alone has provided medical services to 33,000 children since 1981 (about 1,000 children per year).

So what does Healing the Children New Jersey do? HTCNJ offers four main services. The first is that they provide medical care for New Jersey children with complicated diagnoses and developmental disabilities. This includes anything from providing eyewear, to orthotics, to therapy, to special care.

HTCNJ also provides international care. Volunteer doctors and nurses have been sent abroad to assist in a large number of countries, including Bolivia, India, Kenya, Panama, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. These volunteer teams consist of everything from pediatricians to surgeons to translators. Most recently, HTCNJ traveled to Trujillo, Peru to provide dental and ophthalmologic care. HTCNJ additionally sends medical aid to other countries, including medications, dental supplies, and surgical equipment to hospitals.

For children with more complex medical needs that can’t be served internationally, international children are brought to New Jersey for an extended stay during which they receive medical care. This may last anywhere from a few months to over a year. During this time, children stay with volunteer host families in the area. HTCNJ will help with the process of getting a Visa and airline ticket for each child that comes over internationally.

For more information about these amazing programs, check out their website today! It contains additional information about past trips, their annual fundraising Gala, and services that HTCNJ provides.

So how can you help? HTCNJ is always looking for volunteer families to host visiting children. Consider hosting a child while he/she is undergoing medical treatment, and you will truly change a life forever! If you are looking for a way to help without such a large commitment, contact HTCNJ about fundraising campaigns, or about bringing HTCNJ to your workplace, where they can give a presentation about the organization. You can also make a difference by donating here, where over 90% of your donation will go directly to programs and services.

An even easier way to help HTCNJ is by liking the United EVENTures Facebook Page. For every like that we receive until July 20th, we will donate $1 to HTCNJ. Do your part and tell your friends to help!


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