Help Us Name Our New Activity!

Help Us Name Our New Activity! 1024 768 BRendine

We recently had a brainstorming session and this was the result, but there is one problem – our brainstorming session ended before we had a name for this event. So we are turning to you for help!

The Event:

In this charity driven team building exercise, groups will be broken up into smaller teams with the goal of building a segment of a race  track which remote controlled cars will navigate as the final challenge. Each segment must match up to the other parts of the course, forcing teams to not only make their section challenging, but adding an element of collaboration amongst the competing teams. Teams will be using items that they will be donating after the event to build their race course. If you choose to work with a food pantry, then teams will use canned and boxed goods as their obstacles. Everything, even down to the remote control cars will be donated at the end of this event. Once the teams have completed their section of the course, they will then challenge their co-workers to a race through the course using remote controlled cars. This fun and engaging activity blends teamwork, competition and giving back to the local community Рall while making your team bond stronger.

The Name: ?

Leave your suggestions below….

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