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App Review: @Habitica – Improve your Life with this #RPG
App Review: @Habitica – Improve your Life with this #RPG 175 175 admin

Whether it be by writing to-do lists or by keeping a calendar, we all try to find effective ways of staying on track with our schedule and daily habits. However, this is easier said than done, and it can be easy to slack off and let things slide. Fortunately, Habitica offers a solution to help us improve our lives and keep us on track.

Essentially, Habitica is a role-playing game that takes a new approach to keeping yourself and your friends accountable. It “gamifies” tasks such as exercise and personal to-do’s. After completing these tasks, you receive experience points and gold that you can use to level up or buy items to customize your avatar. To keep the user accountable, if you start to slip up in real life and forget to do some tasks, your character will begin to regress in the game as well.

Another unique aspect of Habitica is the way it promotes accountability across users. Additional features of the game such as “boss fights” and challenges are available when you play with friends, and promote social accountability as well as competition between peers. It is worth mentioning that these features of Habitica are only available when interacting with others, so blowing through the game by yourself is not the ideal experience.

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For all those who are fans of RPG’s or video games, this game is must-try. Habitica also offers an accompanying “app”, which helps players stay on track of updating their avatar. Here is their website if you would like to learn more!

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Wellness Activities to Increase Performance
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Let’s be real, working in the office can get a little boring sometimes. Staying in your cubicle all day can be tiring, and can result in lower motivation and productivity. Especially with the weather getting warmer and beach days just around the corner, it’s important more now than ever to make the workplace more fun and improve morale. Here are some tips that managers or even the everyday employee can instill in the workplace!

Try adding some fitness incentives. Create a system where employees can get points for meeting certain fitness goals, such as calorie tracker goals. As a reward, you can trade in those points for gift cards or other perks! Weekly happy hours are another great ritual to help cheer everyone up. This lightens up the mood, and will promote friendly relationships between everyone on the team.

One last tried and trusted method to energize your employees is to have a retreat. Whether they are company wide, or just limited to your department, spending this time together can build trust and create lasting memories. However, thinking of some ideas of what to do for your retreat can be difficult and burdensome. Leave that to us, United EVENTures! Click here to browse some of our services, and check out the fun that you could be having.

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Get to Know You: Will Leggett, President and CEO
Get to Know You: Will Leggett, President and CEO 1024 280 MPatton
A company is only as good as the brains behind the operation. In this week’s Get to Know You blog we’re talking with our President and CEO, Will Leggett.
I am an adventurer who loves to be in the wilderness. My passion is hunting whitetail deer with a bow and arrow in remote locations across the country. I love to travel, whether it’s up to Vermont to see friends and family, or to tropical locations like St. John USVI. I am soon to be blessed with my first-born baby girl and am married to my beautiful wife, Jane. We also have a dog named Zoe.
United EVENTures is a workplace that I created to bring like minded individuals together to better the lives of others. As the President and Owner, I have the opportunity to go out and promote the business and find new clients, meet new people and share ideas. This opportunity inspired me to create our UE mission statement: “Together we create memorable experiences that last a lifetime.” My team here at United EVENTures inspire me to work hard. I firmly believe that a great leader leads by example. If my employees see that I am working hard (both for them and with them) they will do the same for me, their teammates, and our clients.

Creating UnitedEVENTures has been a journey. I have always been into athletics both as an athlete as well as a spectator, so I originally wanted to get into sports broadcasting or become a coach. After taking a class at Ithaca College called “Leisure in Society” which taught me about national parks, I realized that there was an entirely new path I wanted to go down. I switched majors to Recreation Management. “Leisure in Society” influenced me to do my senior project on Organizational Development and Team Building which is the reason I started United EVENTures.

With the help of my team, I hope in ten years to build United EVENTures into a multi-million dollar company with locations and services across the world. I will have also have started a second company flipping houses and will have 3 beautiful children.

We here at United EVENTures look forward to helping you and your team achieve your corporate, personal, and professional goals. Let’s make some memories!
TGIF: Get the Most out of Your Friday by Preparing for Monday
TGIF: Get the Most out of Your Friday by Preparing for Monday 575 340 MPatton

Fridays in the office are basically dedicated to staring at the clock, making excuses to get coffee, and ducking your supervisor lest they give you a project that makes you stay past 5:30. But the clock watching coffee marathon on Friday can lead to an overloaded and chaotic Monday.

There is a solution to your conundrum: work. I know the concept of actually accomplishing something on a Friday is a little on the radical side but hear me out. Using your Friday to get ready for Monday, you’ll be more prepared and less swamped Monday morning. Clear these small tasks off your desk and they’ll add up for an easier week.

weekend-1756858__340Clear out your inbox and voicemail. Catch up on all your emails and voice mails. Use your clock watching time to follow-up with coworkers, clients, and customers. Don’t start a long email convo back and forth – just be short, sweet, and to the point so you don’t end up with extra stuff to add to the pile. Finishing up your communication for the week means no surprises on Monday morning and no weekend texts or phone calls.

Prep for meetings. One of the companies I used to work for loved Monday morning meetings. Sometimes the meetings were productive and sometimes we all took turns bumbling around and shuffling papers to hide that we were unprepared. If your Mondays and Tuesdays are booked with meetings, carve some time out of the day on Friday to get prepped; make info packets, tweak your power point, double-check your reports. Prepping on Friday means you’ll have a few extra minutes to stagger around on Monday morning and shake off that zombie feeling before you hit the conference room.

Don’t dive in to any big projects. If you have a presentation or a big project coming up, leave that for the middle of the week. Starting something big just before the weekend can throw you off when you come back to it two days later. Odds are, you’re not planning to take the work home with you over the weekend. If you have a big project, don’t just jump in with both feet at 10am on a Friday. Break the project down into small sections, do some outlining and a little bit of research so you have something to show if your supervisor wants an update.

Make a donut run. Seriously, make a donut run. You’ve cleared out your inbox, got your Monday prep ready and you’ve got a good handle on that next big project. Take your fifteen and go off site and bring back some glucose encouragement for the rest of the team.

Not every Friday is created equally and, of course, you’ll probably have days where you’re so busy you don’t notice the day fly by or days when the clock never moves forward. Keeping your Friday lightly busy and organized will help you at 8am on Monday.

United EVENTures: Who We Are
United EVENTures: Who We Are 1024 791 MPatton

What comes to mind when your boss says “team building seminar”? A few hours of bad conference center coffee, speed cup stacking, some easy trivia games, and role playing. Does that sound about right?

Let’s be honest: As an employer, keeping your employees engaged, connected, and feeling valued is vitally important. Connection and worth are at the very heart of what keeps employees engaged individually and as a team. Team building matters and not all team building programs are created equally. Creating great memories as a company can help boost team efficacy, company positivity, and ultimately, productivity.

United EVENTures, LLC is a full-service event planning company specializing in team building adventures, entertainment and conference services, as well as planning for all of your special occasions. Whether you are organizing a retreat to strengthen team skills or need help finding a venue or entertainment for a family reunion or party, we are here to take care of all the logistics and delivery.

We pride ourselves in excellence and creating experiences that are memorable, impactful, and engaging. There is no group too small, too large or destination too far that we cannot accommodate. We’re dedicated to creating a positive and memorable experience that goes beyond the basic reputations of team building seminars, group activities, or parties – our goal is to create memorable experiences that last a lifetime.

Work obstacles are never this fun.

Work obstacles are never this fun.


A little about our mission and services:

We are willing to travel to you! It’s a common question and our answer is always, of course, we travel.

We can tailor the program to fit your needs. At United EVENTures, you’re working with experienced staff and facilitators with backgrounds in event planning, group leadership, and experiential recreation to help you achieve your goals. Need to work on communication and transparency? Try our Geo Trekking program or a scavenger hunt that incorporates trivia, problem-solving, and information sharing for a successful and fun outing that promotes clear and productive communication. Want to get everybody out from behind their desks and blowing off steam? Knockerballs, water wars, or our obstacle course will get you up and create memories to share around the water cooler.

We give back. Every event we host or coordinate, a portion of those proceeds goes to Tackle Kids Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending childhood cancer and providing support and resources to children and families dealing with pediatric illness. We are also partnered with other charities and would love to help you host a fundraising or awareness event.

Get moving and get productive!

Get moving and get productive!

Follow up with us next Monday, April 10th for an interview with UnitedEVENTures President, Will Leggett. Check back with us here at the UnitedEVentures Blog for more this week as we shine the Spotlight on Sunlight: Jobs That Take You Outdoors. Watch out for our weekly question on twitter at UnitedEventures.



While You Relax at Work Before this Three Day Weekend….
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Here are some of our best pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy your long weekend!

Here’s a Look into United EVENTures!
Here’s a Look into United EVENTures! 1024 683 admin

Here are some of the best pictures from our most recent training session.