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Why You’re Going to Want to Watch the Sunrise this Week
Why You’re Going to Want to Watch the Sunrise this Week 960 720 Emilie

You might think a sunrise is the same any day of the year, but you would actually be mistaken. According to EarthSky, sunrises and sunsets are actually longer in duration close to the winter and summer solstice. That means that within the next 6 months, now is the only time to see such a long sunrise! Not to mention, Wednesday is perfect sunrise weather. The sunrise will occur at 5:25 AM in Oradell, NJ where we at United EVENTures are located, but times will change slightly depending on your location. The morning is supposed to be clear and sunny, and only 63 degrees, so you will feel comfy with a light sweatshirt and cup of coffee.

Thursday will also be a great morning for watching the sunrise. The sunrise will still be longer since we are close to the solstice, but the morning will be partially cloudy. Although it might sound counterintuitive, having some clouds in the sky actually adds more dimension to the sunrise, and will make it prettier to look at. This can especially hold true when a sunrise occurs right before a storm hits. Thursday morning will also be in the low 60s, but beware! It’s supposed to start raining right after sunrise, so you’ll want to get back inside quickly. The Thursday sunrise will also occur around 5:25 AM.

Additionally, starting Thursday morning you should keep your eye out for a daytime moon. This is because the moon will have entered its waning gibbous phase, in which the moon will not travel the same path as the sun during the day. The daytime moon will be seen throughout the end of June and throughout July, but once August 2nd hits it will disappear once again.