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5 Tips to Sell Anything
5 Tips to Sell Anything 768 1024 admin


Knowing how to sell is so important. We might have to “sell” our children to eat their vegetables or convince our parents to let us spend the night out. The ability to “sell” is everybody around us, and Shark Tank’s own Robert Herjavec offers five tips to help sell anything to anybody:

  1. The first thing you’re selling is yourself. Make the effort to present yourself well, because if someone doesn’t like you, they won’t buy what you are selling.
  2. Listen more than you talk. Pay attention to what you client needs so you can present a more appropriate solution.
  3. Know who to sell to. Make sure your client has the means and motivation to buy your product. This way, you aren’t wasting your energy!
  4. Understand what motivates the other side. Know the value that your service provides your client and address this in your pitch.
  5. Keep it simple. Sweet and simple is best. Know your product so well that you can explain it the average layperson.


Here’s the full article for more information!

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App Review: @Habitica – Improve your Life with this #RPG
App Review: @Habitica – Improve your Life with this #RPG 175 175 admin

Whether it be by writing to-do lists or by keeping a calendar, we all try to find effective ways of staying on track with our schedule and daily habits. However, this is easier said than done, and it can be easy to slack off and let things slide. Fortunately, Habitica offers a solution to help us improve our lives and keep us on track.

Essentially, Habitica is a role-playing game that takes a new approach to keeping yourself and your friends accountable. It “gamifies” tasks such as exercise and personal to-do’s. After completing these tasks, you receive experience points and gold that you can use to level up or buy items to customize your avatar. To keep the user accountable, if you start to slip up in real life and forget to do some tasks, your character will begin to regress in the game as well.

Another unique aspect of Habitica is the way it promotes accountability across users. Additional features of the game such as “boss fights” and challenges are available when you play with friends, and promote social accountability as well as competition between peers. It is worth mentioning that these features of Habitica are only available when interacting with others, so blowing through the game by yourself is not the ideal experience.

Habitica, app, RPG, application, self-improvement

For all those who are fans of RPG’s or video games, this game is must-try. Habitica also offers an accompanying “app”, which helps players stay on track of updating their avatar. Here is their website if you would like to learn more!

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Wellness Activities to Increase Performance
Wellness Activities to Increase Performance 1024 680 admin

Let’s be real, working in the office can get a little boring sometimes. Staying in your cubicle all day can be tiring, and can result in lower motivation and productivity. Especially with the weather getting warmer and beach days just around the corner, it’s important more now than ever to make the workplace more fun and improve morale. Here are some tips that managers or even the everyday employee can instill in the workplace!

Try adding some fitness incentives. Create a system where employees can get points for meeting certain fitness goals, such as calorie tracker goals. As a reward, you can trade in those points for gift cards or other perks! Weekly happy hours are another great ritual to help cheer everyone up. This lightens up the mood, and will promote friendly relationships between everyone on the team.

One last tried and trusted method to energize your employees is to have a retreat. Whether they are company wide, or just limited to your department, spending this time together can build trust and create lasting memories. However, thinking of some ideas of what to do for your retreat can be difficult and burdensome. Leave that to us, United EVENTures! Click here to browse some of our services, and check out the fun that you could be having.

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Make Meetings More Enjoyable
Make Meetings More Enjoyable 660 371 admin

Workplace meetings can tend to become a drag and become the bane of the employee’s existence. However, there are ways to make these meetings fun and something to look forward to. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Reduce the number of meetings. If possible, try to use other means of communication, such as text message or email, to deliver information. This way, the meetings you do hold do not seem superfluous.
  • Follow a timeline and agenda. Having a layout of the meeting will help the team know what to expect and gives them a better sense of control, as they now know what will be discussed.
  • Provide food. Who doesn’t love free food?? Something as simple as coffee and doughnuts can help meetings become the highlight of the week.
  • End with something not related to work. The mood of the team can be tense after a meeting, so ending with a funny video or something light can help everyone get back to work off on the right foot.

Did these tips help make meetings for you and your team? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Plan for the Future
How to Plan for the Future 1024 640 admin


Nowadays, we are able to immediately satisfy our needs, whether it be same-day shipping or doing a quick online search to find the answer to whatever question we have. With this, we can forget the importance of planning for the future. In this Ted Talk, Ari Wallach gives us the proper tools to have the foresight to ensure that we can help make the world a better place in the next 10 to 15 years, and beyond.

Wallach suggests that we can better plan for the future by realizing our responsibility to help set up the future generations, rather than just focusing on ourselves. Next, there are many different “futures” that we can help become a reality if we put in the effort. Lastly, all of this is not possible if we think of the “future” as 5 years from now. Rather, we must think “30, 40, 50, 100 years ahead.”

This is an important shift in thinking, as many of us just try to find “sandbag solutions”: temporary fixes to our dilemmas. However, these do not fully fix our problems and leave the future no better than before.

With this in mind, we can take control of the future and not think about it as something that just washes over us. Rather, it is something we have full control of. We just need to widen the view of the world and our impact on others.

Watch Wallach’s Ted Talk below, and check out other talks at

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The Best of #teambuilding That Twitter Had to Offer…
The Best of #teambuilding That Twitter Had to Offer… 1024 768 admin

We went searching on Twitter this week to see who had the best #teambuilding posts. Here is what we were able to find! Take a look and leave some comments.


An Awesome View of Jersey City with #JGFT
An Awesome View of Jersey City with #JGFT 1024 1024 admin

Jersey Girls Food Tour, Jersey City, food tour, new jersey, food, foodieLast week we went on a food tour of Jersey City with Jersey Girls Food Tour. The first stop on this four-stop tour was Jersey Girls Food Tour, Jersey City, food tour, new jersey, food, foodie, orale, mexican foodOrale Mexican Kitchen: At Orale we had three different types of guacamole with the 3 different hot sauces – We tried the Blue Demon (blue cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds), the house guac, and the Serrano Marmalade one. ChilaquilesScrambled Eggs, Tortilla Chips, Chipotle Orange, Brown Butter, Roasted Asparagus, Cauliflower, Cilantro Crema, Cotija Cheese. Esquites – charred corn, crema, citrus, queso fresco (presented like the mexican flag!) Carnitas Tacos – Braised Crisp Pork Belly, Marinated Red Onions, Salsa Verde & CilantroJersey Girls Food Tour, Jersey City, food tour, new jersey, food, foodie, Porta, pizza

 From there we took off and went to Porta where we had freshly made mozzarella and ricotta, house made meatballs, prosecco and house red wine.
After that we went to Pasta Dal Cuore where we had  The rice balls called Jersey Girls Food Tour, Jersey City, food tour, new jersey, food, foodie, pasta dal cuore, homemade pastaSupplí. And we have spinach,Jersey Girls Food Tour, Jersey City, food tour, new jersey, food, foodie, the kitchen step, mixology walnut and lemon ravioli.
Our last stop was The Kitchen Step where we were greeted by the entire staff and given a drink that was made from scratch by resident mixologist Raymond Keane. The custom JGFT cocktail, which we were greeted with was made with avocado, infused mezcal, lime, agave, grapefruit liquor, pineapple-sriracha ice cubes. With the drink we had a frisee salad with duck confit on top.Mezcal Made Me Do It, Jersey City, food tour, the kitchen step, mixology, drink local, new jersey
Dessert to-go was from Downtown Yogurt. Artisan donuts from West Milford, NJ. ArtisanJersey Girls Food Tour, Jersey City, food tour, new jersey, food, foodie, yogurt, downtown yogurt
version of ring-dings.

The best part of the tours is that you get treated like special guests at each of the restaurants. As a side note, this special treatment lead to a repeat visit to one of the restaurants this week. Jersey Girls Food Tours does a phenomenal job with the level of knowledge, punctual nature of their tours and heartfelt care that they give the food scene of Jersey City. This was a great experience that we highly recommend and are recommending to everyone!

Head over to our Facebook page to see pictures from this great time!

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Deskercises: Super Stealth Leg Workout
Deskercises: Super Stealth Leg Workout 1024 743 admin

Today I’m going to give you some great leg exercises that you can do inconspicuously in the office, its like getting paid to get in shape! Lets start with a seated leg press: While seated at your desk, straighten one leg and hold in place for five or more seconds. Make sure you are  tightening your glute (butt) muscle,  then lower the leg back to the ground without letting your foot touch the floor. Alternate legs and repeat. Try this for between 12 and 15 reps with each leg to start. You should feel this in your Quads, Hamstrings, and Gluteus Maximus. Next, let’s try the tap dancer. Do your best Gregory Hines impressioPersonal trainer, in home trainer matt, matt locascion by rapidly tapping your toes under your desk. Move your knees up just enough to get your toes off the floor, being careful not to bang them against your desk! Quickly alternate back and forth making sure to let just the tips of your toes hit the ground. Try for one minute at a time, increasing duration as it becomes easier. This exercise will not only work your calves but also give you some much needed cardio when stuck at your desk. Now, let’s move on to what I like to call butt clenches. To get started, frankly, all  you need to do is squeeze your butt muscles together while seated at your desk and hold for 10 seconds at a time. Repeat this motion 20-30 times or until you feel you can no longer hold without your coworkers noticing! Finally, we get to or final super stealth leg exercise. I like to call it the office thigh master! While sitting, place anything from your desk that has weight to it (and isn’t crucial to your morning deadline) between your knees and then press together until you feel your inner thighs burning. Continue squeezing for 30 seconds or more at a time. Take 15-30 seconds in between and repeat for 10-20 minutes. This should get you through till lunch! I hope this first edition of Deskercises has been helpful and be on the look out for more coming at you weekly!

About the Author, Matt Locascio 

Matt is the owner of IHT (In-Home Training LLC).  Matt has been working with North Jersey residents in exercise prescription and fitness training for over 10 years!


  • Exercise Science
  • Sports Medicine
  • Weight Lose Programs
  • Bridal Bootcamps


  • Certified by the American Aerobic Association International (AAAI)
  • Certified by the International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)
My info is – Email:; Phone # 908-875-3241
Intern-duction; Eileen – I currently hold the most awarded varsity letters in my high school’s history.
Intern-duction; Eileen – I currently hold the most awarded varsity letters in my high school’s history. 543 543 admin

Short Bio:

I am a current graduate of Bergen Community College with a degree in Event Planning Management. I live in Teaneck, NJ and in my free time I love to cook and bake.


Long Bio:

From Bergen County, I graduated from Immaculate Conception High School in 2011. During my 4 years in high school, I participated in cross-country, basketball and softball. Today, I coach Teaneck High School softball and work as an assistant event planner.

I started my experience in the event planning industry in 2014 as an intern at the Rockleigh Country Club. I gained experience and knowledge about planning weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries etc. After that, I became an assistant event planner for an event design/production company in my hometown.

Beginning this fall, I will be continuing my education to earn my bachelor’s degree in Sports and Entertainment Management.


Social Media Handles:





Favorite book and why:

My favorite book would have to be Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I read this book my junior year of high school and it really left an impact on my life. This book defines friendship and why it’s important to be your true self to anyone you meet.


Claim to fame:

Dedication and hark work. Whatever task is thrown my way; I will do whatever it takes to complete it to its fullest potential.


I’m; I’ll; I prefer:

I’m selfless

I’ll have my own event planning business one day

I prefer T.V. shows to movies


Fun Fact:

I currently hold the most awarded varsity letters in my high school’s history.


Website I visit the most:

Pinterest- whether on my phone or laptop, I’m always inspired by their ideas, sayings and posts that are shared.


Advice to share:

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”

An important person in my life told me to always reach for the stars and never give up. Set goals for yourself and be proud of who you are. You’ll be a better person because of it.

Stag House Doe.Tique, Grand Opening, barberess, christine, rachel, glen rock, new jersey, oversize jenga, oversized jenga, party, bergen county
This is What Happened at the Stag House / Doe.Tique Grand Opening Party!
This is What Happened at the Stag House / Doe.Tique Grand Opening Party! 1024 1024 admin

We kicked off this past weekend on Friday with a huge party at Stag House/Doe.Tique to celebrate their grand opening and the birthday of both owners! Just to recap, we had a great time and you will see by the pictures below, that we were not the only ones who had fun. The mayor of Glen Rock even made an appearance to cut the ribbon, officially opening the salon and welcoming it to Glen Rock. We brought a couple of games, which you will see in the videos below, but the most fun of all was the oversized Jenga. It was a great time, and if you were in attendance, leave some comments below, letting everyone know what they missed and why they should head over to Stag House/Doe.Tique for a great haircut and an even better time!

Hanging out at @staghouse_doetique #bergencounty #grandopening #teambuilding

A video posted by United EVENTures (@unitedeventures) on

About Stag House/Doe.Tique (

A passion for barbering and a knack for people. It was less than three years before they started to encounter full books, daily. They spent their spare time together, marketing themselves, mixing and mingling with locals within Bergen County, NJ and in turn, acquired a strong, loyal following of men that supported their every move.

They decided to bring their book, and purchased Salon Salon Rocks in Glen Rock, NJ. With this space, they split it down the middle to accommodate the loyal clients the previous salon was experiencing, as well as their own.

Stag and its counterpart, Doe.Tique, strive themselves in local flavor, carrying products from New Jersey and New York, as well as host events after hours. Through the support of their staff and clients, they’re sure Stag will become a Bergen County staple.

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