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Link Roundup – Some Useful Links from Around the Web

Link Roundup – Some Useful Links from Around the Web 1024 681 BRendine

Need a Catchy Subject Line for Your Email? 10 Cool Ideas You Can Use

I was on Reddit the other day when this post caught my eye. How many times do you send an email to then call then person and say “Did you get my email?” Well here comes help! Take a look at this article to get the subject lines that will not only catch the recipient’s attention but also give them an incentive to open that email.

The 5 Second Test

You have 5 seconds to capture a visitor to your website. Does your website stand up to the challenge?


How to Grow Your Business Through Social Media

I was reading some articles the other day and came across this thread. It is a list of all the free tools out there to help you manage your social media outlets. Take a look, there are some really good comments in here..


6 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Influencer Marketing 

Ok, I’ll admit it, I went a little heavy with social media this week, but here is another great article about social media and different ways to leverage your marketing outlets.

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