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Spotlight on the Sunlight: Jobs that get you Outdoors
Spotlight on the Sunlight: Jobs that get you Outdoors 960 635 MPatton

One of my first real jobs out of college had me sitting in a cubicle (yes, the dreaded cubicle) facing a wall that was painted a bright, cheerful yellow. The sunny yellow of the wall didn’t do much to mitigate the fact that I wasn’t  seeing actual sunlight.

If that weekend itch to get out into nature, go hiking, kayaking, or just hang out with friends around a bonfire starts to become a week-long sting, a career in the great outdoors may be calling you. A lot of outdoor careers are in the sciences or recreation but you don’t have to be field botanist or a survival expert to find a career that incorporates the outdoors and your interests.

Sports Instructors:

Ski and snowboard instructors usually work in the hospitality industry or for a sports complex or training center. Instructor roles tend to rely more on history and experience than educational background. Ski and snowboard instructors generally also assist with trail maintenance and ski patrol and instruct people at all levels of ability. IMG_0135Instructors will need a good skill level and a working knowledge of gear, environment, and terrain, as well as weather patterns.


Gardening, landscaping, and running a nursery or greenhouse can get the sun on your back and the dirt under your fingernails. If you’re interested in running your own small business, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for. Owning and operating a landscaping company or a nursery gives a people person with a natural sales talent the opportunity to work outside, be creative, and work with people.

Nature Guides:

If hiking, trekking, and camping is your thing look into being an outdoor or recreational guide. Outdoor guides may require certification in certain areas like white water rafting and wilderness first aid. Nature guides work in a myriad of businesses: hospitality, travel, scouting, summer camps and with corporate outing ventures, much like United Eventures, to get groups of people from all walks of life engaged in outdoor activities.


Nature and art are closely entwined. Nature and wildlife photography can take you outside in a variety of landscapes and environments. Photography can be a dynamic and adventurous complimentary career; it’s not uncommon for guides and sports instructors to use body cameras to capture film and stills of their stunts, guide trips, and treks for promotional purposes. If you’re more of a people person, wedding and family photography can give you the opportunity to see new and interesting locations while helping families create memories to last a lifetime.

Environmental Impact:

Working in the green industry can take you outside for a cause. Surveying, forestry, and Ranger positions can keep you poised to make an environmental impact. A career in forestry allows you to help manage and clear forests in a sustainable and restorative way and promotes conservation, restoration, and stewardship of public and private lands. Some jobs in forestry require a Bachelor’s Degree or two-year certification. Some ranger positions require a background in law enforcement while others are geared towards educating the public on things like wildlife, outdoor safety, and environmental impact.

Better than a sun lamp.

Better than a sun lamp.


Not everybody can just ditch their day job and run off into the sunset after going all Office Space on the fax machine. Find a project or nonprofit agency that gets you outdoors and giving back. Volunteer for a team clean of your local park, or assist with trail maintenance on popular local hiking trails. If you’re interested in finding volunteer opportunities by you, check out VolunteerMatch or with your state or local parks and recreation department for what volunteer opportunities are available.


If the mountains are calling and that sunlamp on your desk isn’t doing you any favors, get out there. The world is waiting.

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5 Things to do in Jersey this Weekend
5 Things to do in Jersey this Weekend 960 640 Emilie

With the weather getting warmer, we can’t wait to get outside in our spare time. So we decided to bring you our top 5 favorite things to do this weekend in NJ that will get you fresh air in the outdoors.

1. Go tubing on the Deleware. With the warm weather expected this weekend, why not go tubing on the Deleware River? Just like a giant “Lazy River,” tubing is a fun way to cool down on a hot day (it’s going to be 87 degrees this Sunday)! On the Deleware you’ll hit a few small rapids, just enough to make you speed up through a few sections of the river. However, it’s still very gentle, and the small rapids are easily avoidable. Both double and single tubes are available, as well as different length trips. You can go tubing with River Country Tubing, located on the PA side of the river, or Deleware River Tubing located on the Jersey side. Whichever group you tube with, you can stop for icecream, hotdogs and snacks at The Famous River Hot Dog Man, located on the side of the river and accessible only from the river.

2. Take a hike. Jersey has so many great hikes, and many of us have hiked so few of them! Perhaps my personal favorite jersey hike is Pinwheel Vista, which offers a lookout from Wawayanda Mountain. It’s cool because you get to see so many different things on the same hike. You will start on a boardwalk through a marshy area, cross a suspension bridge, go through cow fields, cross a train track, and eventually, hike up the actual mountain. The difficulty ranges greatly, with a lot of the hike being a casual stroll. But once you hit the mountain, it will rise steeply and quickly. However, it’s still very doable for those who don’t regularly hike. This is a well traveled hiking trail (with everyone from casual day hikers to AT thru hikers) so it’s a good one to do before high schools let out for the summer and the summer hiking season gets really busy. Length: 7.3 miles. Parking: N41 14.084 W74 28.852. If you aren’t interested in Pinwheel Vista, try a hike at the Delaware Water Gap, Hacklebarney Park, or a range of other nearby trails.

3. Go to a Drive-In Movie. While not technically in Jersey, Becky’s Drive In sits right on the edge of Pennsylvania. One of the few drive-ins left in the area, Becky’s has multiple screens and each ticket will allow you to stay through multiple movies. This weekend, screen 1 will be showing Finding Dory and Alice Through the Looking Glass, and screen 2 will be showing Central Intelligence followed by the Conjuring 2.

4. Strawberry Harvest Festival. This is the last weekend for Alstede Farm‘s Strawberry Harvest Festival! Both Saturday and Sunday, Alstede will open at 11 AM and close at 5 AM. Here you can pick your own strawberries or buy some of the farm’s fresh made treats: including strawberry shortcake, pies, fudge and icecream. There will also be pony rides, hay rides, a moon bounce and more!

5. Princeton Festival. Head over to the Princeton Festival in central Jersey. This weekend you can listen to the opera performance by Peter Grimes, or listen to the organ recital by Kristiaan Seynhave. After attending the performances, walk around the beautiful town and Princeton Campus, go shopping, or grab some icecream at The Bent Spoon.