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Work or Happiness? Do we have to choose?

Work or Happiness? Do we have to choose? 561 440 Emilie

In modern day America, we have been taught time and time again to find something we are passionate about. We are taught that a career is a place to find challenge and fulfillment in life. But this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, many cultures still consider work a necessary means to an end; a task that needs to be completed before you can enjoy the true passions in your life. Instead, the United States has fallen into an era in which we are driven by achieving passion in our work-life, and thus we become more absorbed with demanding jobs that tend to seep into our lives past 9 AM to 5 PM.

In an article by Forbes, several techniques are suggested for finding happiness in the workplace. Overall, it suggests that emotional intelligence is the ultimate tool for finding joy in work. It reminds us to take charge of our life and our desires, while still remembering to let go of things we can’t control. For the whole article, click here.

So what do you think? How should we find joy in our work? Should we find passion in the workplace, or start looking elsewhere? Where does the balance lie between time we devote to work and finding happiness? Share your thoughts below.

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